Monday, November 4, 2013

Exam Prep - Online Security Quizzes

Here's a list of some free online security quizzes.
There are many more available, but at the time of this post, these have no sign-up requirements, there are no necessary downloads and no personal information is required.

These do not directly relate to the PCIP exam since, well, none exist at this time.
But since PCIP has strong hooks into IT Security, these may be of value.  
Obviously anything noted in the PCI DSS has precedence over what's in these quizzes

-  A multiple guess quiz that I made up from the PCI DSS documentation.
   This is contained within the blog

-  A short answer/definition quiz that I also made up using the PCI glossary.
   You can also find this within this blog

-  An "Internet Safe Shopping" quiz from McAfee
   10 question. Rather basic.

- "Computer Security 101" quiz
   10 question. Also pretty basic.

- "Internet Security Quiz" by Brian Leng
  10 questions.  Click on the "Start" button for the online version.

-  A COMPTIA Security+ practice exam from
   15 questions.  I like this one best.

- technology poll.
   8 Questions - A public poll that will show you results

-  And finally, here is a whole list of security exams from
   These are also very good and detailed


  1. Thank you for this page. The flash cards were helpful. I passed the PCIP exam after taking the PCIP course. All the questions were single choice question. There were none that had A & B, All of the above, or None of the above. It only took me 35 minutes of the 90 alloted. One question was about the job responsibilities of a PA-QSA. I did not remember information on that in the course. There was not any question requiring me to remember what each SAQ is for. You must remember the 12 requirements. If you don't know them you are not going to pass the test. The questions that listed the sub requirements always provided the correct answer that correlated to the requirement. There is no reason to memorize any sub-requirement. You need to know the flow of the payment and what each step does. No questions on the merchant levels. If you know the informationin the course, you are going to pass.

  2. Thank you for all the time you have put into these resources. They are greatly appreciated and used.